WordPress plugin development made easy

WordPress Plugin Generator

Create your own plugin boilerplate template in seconds.

This is how it works: Enter the plugin details in the form, press the button „Build my plugin“, download the zip file.

This is how the WordPress plugin generator works


Enter plugin data

Enter the name of the plugin, a slug for the plugin (e.g. „my-great-plugin“), the URI of the plugin, the name, email address and website address of the author(s) into the form.


Click the button

If you have filled out all the form fields correctly (you will receive an error message if you enter incorrect information), your plugin will be generated after you click on the „Build my plugin“ button.


Download the ZIP file

When your plugin is finished, your plugin will be downloaded automatically as a ZIP file in the download folder on your hard drive.

Helpful tool to make plugin development faster and easier

Even if you already have your own WordPress plugin template structure and template files, you still need to overwrite the plugin name, slugs, classes, labels, etc. in all files over and over again. An annoying matter that costs a lot of time and also harbors the risk of errors if the overwriting is not carried out in a concentrated and consistent manner.

All in all, we are providing you with a helpful tool that will hopefully save not only us, but also you a lot of time and work : )


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